Freedom FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Freedom Futbol Club’s mission?

A: Freedom FC is dedicated to instilling the love of soccer through the education and development of youth players.  We are committed to creating winners on and off the field.   Our goal is to:

  1. To tap into the spirit in each player, extending it well beyond the sport
  2. To have players perform at their highest ability while competing with dignity, respect, integrity and sportsmanship
  3. To create an athletic experience, within a fun, healthy and positive environment
  4. To demonstrate the rewards of playing the game of soccer and being part of a team
  5. To encourage creativity and imagination within the game

The realization of these goals will produce meaningful and lasting memories, not just for the players, but for family and friends as well, demonstrating that soccer is more than just a sport.

Q:   How many players will be on the team?

A:   The number of players on each team will be determined by the coach.  Generally, for U9 and U10, number of players on a team can range from 10 – 13 players.  For U11 – U14, a team can have from 14 – 16 players.  Older brackets, U15 and up, can have anywhere from 14 – 18 players on a team.


Q:   How far do you have to travel?

A:  Typically, the higher level teams travel farther.  Travel distance will also vary, depending on the tournaments selected by the teams.  Home fields are in Chino Hills, with practices held in Chino Hills, Chino and/or Pomona.


Q:   What does the annual fee cover?

A:  The annual fee covers:

Included with player fees

Not Included in player fees (team specific)


Annual Player Card

League Registration Fee - This is for the team to play in the Fall League in Sept

Camps & Clinics  (Summer and Winter Camp) / Technical and Agility Training

Team Bond – Fee for new team fee (if applicable)

Keeper Trainer Fees

Ref Bond – Fee for to train their refs (if applicable)


Ref Fees – Fees paid directly to refs every game in cash

Field Rental


Yearly coaching fees

Uniforms and training attire - Not included in player fees