Social Media Guidelines

Freedom FC Social Media Guidelines

1. All Teams that want to have photos posted, Team info, Fundraisers etc. 

Send to for posting

2. Email should include:

a. 1-10 max. Photos per team.   

b. Full Team name and Coach’s name.

c. Brief Description of Photos ie; Event, Location, Outcome (optional)

3. If you are posting for a Fundraiser/ event a legible Flier describing the event in full detail (Date, Time, Location, etc.) must be sent to be posted on the Club Social Media.

4. TEAM POSTS ONLY.  No Individual Birthdays, Anniversaries, Announcements.  We should encourage Teams to create their own Team Accounts for those things.  EXCEPTIONS: College acceptance or High School Awards in relation to Soccer.  

5. The Social Media email is for posting on Social Media only. There will no reply’s to questions, Club inquiries, Information requests, etc.

6. All teams need to make sure they keep a copy of their photos, fliers, etc.  They will not be returned.

7. Any Club Events, Posts, Notifications should be handled directly between the Admin. & Media Poster as Club News/ Info will take precedence.