Ortiz B96 Strikers Cup Champions

Team Captains Kevan Kueter, Gerry Cobarrubias, and Matt Sie led the team to an undefeated string of victories including the tournament Championship. 

Gerry Cobarrubias was given the tournament trophy due to his exemplary play and leadership.  Mr. Cobarrubias, battled through an injury on Saturday which required him to miss the majority of the games.  However,  he inspired the team from the sideline and focused on recovery.  He played a significant role in the Sunday morning victory and scored the game winning goal in the Championship game.

Mr. Cobarrubias displayed his true team captain qualities when, after given the trophy, he immediately announced(via instagram), ’This is for Kody.’  Kody Barton is a teenager who not only affected the team, but the community.  He was hospitalized in 2011 with no diagnosis or prognosis(a mystery illness).  After a hard fought battle, Kody "went to heaven" at 12:12 a.m. on August 20th(www.facebook.com/CureForKody).  

The boys, the team, the community was reminded that life is precious and we must live, not for ourselves, but for others-for those that do not have the opportunity to see the light of a new day.  It is not only our right, it is our duty.