Team and Player Registration Information

Attached a check list for registering an individual player or an entire team, including directions of how to access your current players on CORIS that will be continue to play into the new season, so that the managers can update their information (school, grade, emergency contact information and upload a current picture).  New players will need to be added into the system by only the Club Registrar.  If any of the information on the check list seems unclear, please do not hesitate to the Club Registrar and we can schedule an appointment time during which you will need to bring a laptop.
What is needed:
  • 3 copies of player registration and administrator registration forms with original signatures (blue ink is preferred). Link for the registration forms located in the Team Admin website or Cal South under forms.
  • Copy of birth certificate for all returning club players.
  • Certified copy of birth certificate will need to be verified for any new player at time of your registration appointment and be immediately returned.
  • All new current pictures for ALL players, coaches, and managers in JPEG format sized at 100 x 120 pixels.
Once you have gathered all your completed documentation, please call for an appointment with the Club Registrar. She can be reached @